Only a few days ago, the FBI conducted a raid on the home of Paul Manafort. Manafort was one of the key advisors on Trump’s campaign teams last year, helping him clinch the presidency from democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. On the 26th of July FBI agents arrived at his home in the city of Alexandria in Virginia. Reports say that Mr. Manafort was served a warrant giving federal officers the ability to search his home, leaving with some documents as well. This shows that the senate and federal bureau is not willing to stop their investigation at the request of the President. It seems that the agents were looking for bank statements as well as tax returns when they searched Paul Manafort’s house on Wednesday. Mr. Manafort had also been served a subpoena to appear before a public hearing in June.

The news of this is very disturbing given that the FBI took documents out of his home for further examining. Though I do not believe that Donald Trump personally colluded with the Russian Government to rig the election, I think that it is possible that someone with a high rank in his cabinet may have done so. In order to persecute President Trump though, meetings with Russian lobbyists simply won’t do for the simple fact that what he did was completely legal. So far all we have seen is the offer from Russians to support his campaign through information with nothing given or promised in return. That is not to say that more evidence may come to light but for now you cannot say that Trump’s campaign definitely colluded with the Russian Government. For now, their hacking of the Electoral College must be dealt with and those key systems’ defences must be shored up. There must be repercussions and consequences for what the Russian’s did however, Mr. Trump must not allow them to re-escelate into Cold War tensions.

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