Recently, North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un has made threats to use one of his nuclear armed ICBMs to strike the US territory and military base at Guam. Guam holds a very key and strategic location for the US’s Pacific Fleet as well as housing nearly one hundred-fifty thousand civilians in addition to military personnel. A North Korean strike of Guam would also serve as a warning to all other nations near them to their willingness to use nuclear power and assert themselves on the global stage where for so lang they have been a laughing stock. In addition the likelihood of a nuclear strike on the island of Guam increases not only because of the logical reasons but also because of the highly unstable man behind the button, Kim Jong-Un.

However, if North Korea were to attempt to strike the military base you can be absolutely sure that the US and some of its close allies will return the favor tenfold. So, in that way it sis unlikely that North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-Un will launch missiles against the US simply for the fear of retaliation and dethronement. The throne which Kim so clearly values and from which he is able to live his life of extreme luxury is definitely something that he would not want to relinquish in favor of a prison cell or living in poverty.


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