This past week, a mysterious sonic attack injured US diplomats and caused them to fall ill. It is not yet known who could have been victims of an attack in Cuba however, because others were also injured in the attack. It was reported that in Fall of 2016, US diplomats and embassy workers began to suffer from inexplicable loss of hearing. After an investigation, it was revealed the symptoms were an affect of an auditory weapon which operated at very high frequencies. The attack could have been perpetrated by the Cuban, Castro regime as they strengthen their ties to Russia, as well as President Trump’s harsh anti-Cuba stance which he iterated on the campaign trail in 2016. An investigation is currently ongoing to deduce the target of the sonic attacks as well as the perpetrator who could have gotten their hands on such highly advanced and secret technology.

* Gearan, Anne. “U.S. Investigating Whether American Diplomats Were Victims of Sonic Attack in Cuba.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 10 Aug. 2017,
** Gearan, Anne. “U.S. Expelled Two Cuban Diplomats after Embassy Employees in Cuba Developed Unexplained Ailments.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 9 Aug. 2017,


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