My name is Ankur, I am 14 years old, living in Pennsylvania. I am starting high school as a freshman as of Fall 2017.

I sense that currently there is a large political divide due to a partisan mentality where you are either with us or against us. This results in a stalemate of sorts at where nothing gets done. A mentality like this leads us to argue for years over the smallest details while the larger issues are left untouched and continue to plague us.

My goal is to look at both side of the story: on the left and then right while writing this blog. I want to do something to attempt to bridge the chasm that our bipartisan thinking has created. While writing my articles I will keep this in mind. To ensure this I will cite sources from all sides of the spectrum; from the left, the right as well as where the story is actually occurring.

Much of what I write is my interpretation, although based on evidence from multiple sources. I hope that my posts will lead to meaningful discussions whether you agree or disagree with my posts.